Do you have big plans?

Dear Future Katy, T and I are going to move to Scotland. It’s unofficially official. We have our hearts set on our big plan and preparation is underway. Preparation sucks. Its so much fun looking on Rightmove at potential properties, researching neighborhoods and trying to master the accent (That’s mostly T, he’s starting to get […]

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Do you ever feel lonely?

Dear Future Katy, I’ve been alone. We’ve all been alone. Being alone can be nurturing for the soul, a time to process and rejuvenate. Being lonely is a whole different ball game. For me, it starts with a physical feeling. A heavy neck, like some great force is pushing my head down (I know where […]

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Do you regret your adventures?

Dear Future Katy, It’s all gone a wee bit shit. I’m 22, homeless, penniless and gone so fucking nutty that you could spread me on toast with some strawberry jam. This time last year, I was racing around Europe, fuelled by my love for adventure and cheap beer. And now I’m sitting on a broken […]

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Do you have a pet Alpaca?

Dear Future Katy, Why have I spent the evening curled up on my living room floor sobbing? Honestly, what did I gain out of that? Oh right yeah, the incentive to write to you! Cup of tea in hand, time to chat to the only person who actually knows it’s going to be okay.  I’ve been chatting […]

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