How to Climb a Mountain


Dear Future Katy,

I wanted to remind you about the time you climbed Snowdon. Your hair was pink, you sweated a lot, and your legs wouldn’t work. Think hard, is it coming back to you?

For me, it was just a few weeks ago. Pfft, bloody hell. I still can’t believe I did. I know what your thinking Future Me; ‘yeah, yeah, get over it!’, and I will eventually. When I do something even cooler maybe. I will just remind you Ms High and Mighty, that I am a lazy teenager (for another 22 days anyway)  and I do live up to the title. So for me to climb a mountain is a big deal, okay? Okay.  Well hopefully you are still chuffed with yourself, and here is why you should be.

Firstly: It’s not like we took the easy route up.

So Dad and I are waiting at the bus stop for this little beauty. I thought it was called the Sherbet bus, but upon googling, it’s actually called the Sherpa bus. Petition for renaming?

There’s these two blokes waiting also, for the bus that essentially takes you to the bottom of the mountain, so that you can do the hard part. We were all discussing which route we were going to be taking up, dad informs them that we’re going for the PYG. That meant nothing to me. I was just fannying about with the retro backpack I had pinched from him. One of the two guys, who happened to be a mountain rescue dude (I believe?) taking his novice friend up said, ‘ooooh that’s a bit harsh for a first-timer’. I spun around, on the verge of giving our cruel, cruel Dad a death-stare. He’s all like ‘Na, she’ll be fine!’ WILL I? Will I really?

The bus comes, and on we go. I’m actually still pretty chilled about the whole thing at this point. The obligatory pre-sweaty photos ensue.

Yes, awful photo, but it was windy and stuff okay!

Ah, here we go. Walking time. Still chilled. Shania Twain is crooning in my ear. I’ve got this. The first section was pretty okay (in hindsight!). Remember how it was essentially just like climbing really massive steps? I had it down. The weather was beautiful, the views were amazing, and I was marching along to the beat of ‘who’s bed have your boots been under?’.IMG_4192

I was honestly thinking to myself, Future Katy, what was I worrying about? And that brings to me to my second point!

Secondly: It’s not like I was in any decent physical shape.

Okay so we know I’m not thin (no need to bring that up now Future Me)it’s beside the point. Anybody can be unfit, it doesn’t matter about your size or body shape. And  I am.


We had got to this point. The elderly couples, whom we had previously sped ahead of and caught up and I had evolved into a sweaty pink mess. I felt like I’d been on that life-sucking machine from the Princess Bride. Inconceivable.

take it ten seconnnndsss at a time

I had given up trying to sing. Or talk. Just counting to ten in my head. ‘A person can stand just about anything for ten seconds’- Kimmy Schmidt. And don’t you forget it, Future Katy!

I could have worn shorts.

Seriously. I thought my body was going to stop working. I could hardly breathe, everything hurt (understatement), and I was just waiting for a helicopter to come to rescue me. My ‘I’ve done search and rescue – I can do anything’ mantra was long forgotten. That was hard, this was a whole different level.

Thirdly: It’s not like I was totally emotionally stable. 

I could see the top. One massive swig of Lucozade, two quick shakes of my rabidly failing legs and I was scampering up. Goodbye Dad, I’ll meet you up there!


I was so completely overwhelmed by the shock. I had actually climbed to the top of a mountain. Tears came pouring, people were staring. At first, I didn’t give a single shit (then, of course, I had a panic attack because I figured everyone was judging me for finding it so hard – even though most of them probably took the easy path, but hey ho.) From struggling to leave the house 6 months ago and being in the hospital, etc – I was in a different world, one I had reached through my own hard work and diligence. I guess it felt like my mental uphill battle, had been somewhat symbolised. Shut up Future Katy, I know I’m being a tad cheesy but you should be proud of what we have achieved, stop being so cynical.

and finally: what goes up must come down.IMG_4214

Thank god we took the gentler, scenic route down. My legs had turned to jelly. Looking back it was actually pretty funny. Every time I tried to take a stride down the hill, my arthritic knees would go stiff, and they would momentarily forget how to make walking motions. Tedious, but funny.  Safe to say, I now understand leg day memes.

leg day

Try not to forget how beautiful the views were Future Katy, they are still ingrained in my memory at the moment, so hopefully, they would have stayed there for you to see, (if not I guess that’s what photos are for?!)



Have you climbed any mountains recently Future Me? If you are feeling reinspired, bloody go woman, stop being lazy! And if by any chance you do have kids make sure to take them up the challenge. Explain to them that you can do anything, you just have to push yourself. It’s going to possibly hurt, but it’s worth it! (and don’t feel guilty, I saw little kids running up there) If in doubt take Dad he’ll sort them out… or you know sing some Shania Twain, they’ll be up the hill in no time.

Well, there you go, stay busy, I’ll write to you again soon.

Love Current Katy x

P.S – What was on the old’ shuffle today.

  • Three More Days (Acoustic) – The Proclaimers
  • What’s It All Supposed to Mean? – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Upside Down – Paloma Faith
  • Say You Love Me – Jessie Ware
  • Don’t Bring Me Down – ELO
  • Secrets – Mary Lambert
  • The Shoop Shoop Song – Cher
  • Pageant Material – Kacey Musgraves
  • I’m Coming Over – Chris Young
  • Shake Rattle & Roll – Buddy Holly
  • Year 3000 – Busted
  • Girl – The Beatles
  • It’s Now or Never – Elvis
  • Goodbye In Her Eyes – Zac Brown Band
  • I’m On My Way – The Proclaimers
  • Burning House – Cam




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