you better not jinx it

Hi Future Katy,

Just a quick one, fancied a little chat.

So guess who’s going on holiday in four days! I’ve been counting down the days since early this year, and now that I’m just single figures away from getting on that plane…. ahhh! I’m going back to Morocco, with the parents this time (not to volunteer, again). Mum booked it up and asked if I wanted to come, so of course, I couldn’t turn the offer down. Although this will be our last family holiday, I’m getting too old to go away with them, it’s getting embarrassing.

But then I have missed out on ‘friends holidays’, you know, the type where you go boozing in Ibiza – mainly on the account I haven’t had friends that I’ve hung on long enough too, to make big plans with. Oh good ol’ mental illness, can always count on you to rid me of important life experiences (kidding). I still have plenty of time. Is it weird I constantly have to remind myself of this? Maybe, it’s because so much drama was condensed into 7-8 years. I know,  I can be pretty immature future me, but some days, I just feel so bloody old (and not just when my arthritis plays up).

I don’t know? I really want to know what it’s like for you? Does life calm down, and you catch up with your years? Do you remember when we were young, and we made this comment, and thinking back on it, I swear we jinxed our whole lives? We must have been 11? I specifically remember we had a bright yellow hoodie? ‘Urgh, why is my life so boring, nothing dramatic ever happens to me’. I’m pretty sure mum just rolled her eyes when we said this! Oh, little did we know right?

Okay, pretty sure that’s everything on my brain right now. I’m currently working on a letter about hearing voices, but I want it to be semi-decent and informative for you, so you’ll get it when you get it okay!

Love Current Katy x

Ps. The songs I listened to today, are all from my female empowerment/being positive about a breakup playlist. So no judging okay.

  • Bad Girls – M.I.A
  • Bulletproof – La Roux
  • Irreplaceable – Beyoncé
  • Survivor – Destiny’s Child
  • Tears – Clean Bandit/ Louisa Johnson


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