My First Experience of the Catholic Church and Why I Won’t Return

Dear Future Katy,

How you doing girl!? Long-time no speak. You’ve heard all my excuses before so I propose we just hit the refresh button ey? Move on from the interval of silence. Well, my silence, because it’s not like you have to actually do anything, is it Future Katy? You just get to read these little beauties and I’m the one who has to actually crack them out.

I’m also not going to try and catch you up on the crazy whirlwind that 2017 has been. Like always I’ve been squeezing in some snazzy stuff between periods of being a wee bit mental. You know how it is. To be fair, the most exciting thing that’s happened so far this year was the month I spent interrailing around Europe, but seeing how I currently like to sneak a travel story into every conversation at the moment, I’m sure you’ll get a chance to relive those tales. Plus I really want to show the scrapbook I’ve been working on!

So I’ve been going to church… Yeap, you heard that right… I’ve been like four times now. No, I don’t catch alight when I walk through the doors. *rolls eyes*. Basically, a few weeks ago or something, I realised I’d been doing some silly things whilst travelling and carried on the ‘little adventures’ once I’d returned home. Blame dave. (#finddave is still a thing though. You only find one gorgeous policeman with a sexy northern-ish accent, who likes country music, has meaningful conversations about the struggles of life with you in a hostel bathroom and thinks you’re beautiful with pina colada stains on your top once in your life. And it was in Rome so he may have just have been the one. Who knows?)  So anyway, I was all like, Girl you need to find some direction, and whilst watching Songs of Praise with Mum one Sunday afternoon, (please say she still wacks it on and sings Jesus wants me for a sunbeam at full blast?) I thought ey, the big majestic man in the sky might have some answers?

To be honest, it’s not going as well as I would have hoped. Apart from the Priests titillating Irish accent (ooh, you should hear the way he says Holy Water when he splashes it at you, yes church is interactive, kinda like SeaWorld.) and the wacky posh couple who can’t sing without waving them arms about in a hysterical fashion, I can’t really get on board with it. Some bits I’m like well yeah, that’s nice, love thy neighbour, I’ll give that a go, I should probably try and be a better human, lovely jubbly. But the rest of it… it just feels so ‘culty’. I’ll give it a bit longer, but honestly, I think satanism seems more up my street…

So church.. what else is going on? Oh yeah, guess whos unemployed again? A long old story, but remember the canine carer apprenticeship you did for two months? Don’t try it again. That’s all I’ll say on the matter. I’ve been applying for stuff, mainly retail because I wasn’t actually too bad at customer service (you know, considering I hate people). But if you could give me some sort of hint on we actually want to do for a career that would be great, because I honestly have no idea where my passion is at!

Anyway, that’s going to to have to do as a welcome back. Current Katys got cold clammy feet, which means its definitely time for a shower.

As always I love you lots, stay sassy,

Current Katy x

P.S. I’ve been watching the live-action Disney Cinderella whilst writing this, needed to get some magic on! 😛

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