Can Life Get Better When You Have a Mental Illness?

Dear Future Katy,

It’s all gone a wee bit shit.

I’m 22, homeless, penniless and gone so fucking nutty that you could spread me on toast with some strawberry jam.

This time last year, I was racing around Europe, fuelled by my love for adventure and cheap beer. And now I’m sitting on a broken bed in a halfway house trying to find the courage to use the shared bathroom so I don’t have to piss in my sink again.

I need my sass back Katy. My life is legitimately falling apart right now and I’m running out of Pritt stick.

Going travelling was one of the best experiences of my life, I was confident, energetic and was in full control of my mental health. Even at my 4th hostel, when an incident occurred in my hostel room, I held it together and journeyed on.

But since I’ve been back, the incident had torn apart all the healthy coping mechanisms I’ve created.

Being 21 was wild. I lost my job, I lost my home, I shacked up with an old man after being kicked out of my parents and I tried to kill myself for the billionth time. I’ve been 22 for just over a week now (and have listened to Taylor swifts ’22’ for much of that time), every day I’m just wishing it’ll get better.

Come on Future Katy, now really would be a great time to come see me in your time machine and give me some hope, (or just a shit load of cash so I can get out of this dump.)

I’m gonna sign off now, make sure you honk the horn of your DeLorean when you get here because girls got to have a nap.

Love you always, you crazy bitch.

Current Katy x


P.S – Today’s tunes included,


  • 22 – Taylor Swift
  • Bitch – Meredith Brooks
  • Sky Full of Song – Flo and the Machino
  • Motel Blues – Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Just Like Jesse James – Cher
  • Can’t break Thru – Busted
  • It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones


P.P.S – I hadn’t forgotten about you this past year, I’ve got 32 letters sitting in my drafts folder, but you know how bad I am at getting things finished.



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