How a Bath Made Everything Better

Dear Future Katy

Ahh… Nothing like a warm bath to make everything seem better.

After boiling numerous vats of hot water on the hob; I concocted my own special brand of bubbles ( 1/4 a lush comforter bar (pink of course) half a Wilko peach and mango bomb (blue and purple) a couple of handfuls of lavender Epsom salts and a dollop of Radox relax bubble bath), lit my ‘sunshine breeze’ scented candle and sunk into my tub for a well needed soak. I feel like I’m swimming in a star scattered galaxy.

Its been a couple of days since I’ve washed. This has been partly due to the effort required to both spend ages heating up saucepans in the kitchen and to move my fat lazy arse off the sofa bed. T is partly to blame for the second matter. He introduced to me to Kingdom Hearts. Fatal mistake. My passion for Disney has been re-ignited and if he thinks that I won’t be planting my Minnie Mouse ears on his disproportioned head and blasting his eardrums with my terrible rendition of ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ next time he wonders through my door, he is very much mistaken.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed having a bath these last few months. Firstly in the hospital and then in the hostel, my mermaid magic lay dormant. Being able to splash about and play make-believe again is something I cherish. Also being able to sink my head under the surface and drown out my voices is something that will never get old.

It’s been hard lately. Having the new flat has been helpful (I haven’t been on any late-night walkabouts with weird things in my handbag since I’ve been here) but every day is still a struggle. I’m so thankful for T and a few others for their support at the moment, but the feeling of being a burden is one I cannot shift.

I’m going to get dressed tomorrow, Future Katy. Might even put my face on. Small goals ey. Agh.

Speak soon old gal,

Love Current Katy x

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