Making a Change

Dear Future Katy,

T and I are going to move to Scotland. It’s unofficially official. We have our hearts set on our big plan and preparation is underway.

Preparation sucks. It’s so much fun looking on Rightmove at potential properties, researching neighbourhoods and trying to master the accent (That’s mostly T, he’s starting to get the Braveheart voice down, I, however, sound like an Indian call operator when attempting to do any accent). But saving, Urgh. We need to have a nest egg for the initial move but it’s going to take so much longer to save up then we initially expected.

And you know me, Future Katy, I’m incredibly impatient. Once I have an idea I want to do it immediately. If I didn’t have T keeping me sensible I would be on a plane tomorrow. I keep reassuring myself that good things take time, but instant gratification though.

In the meantime, we’re just going to have to keep busy with small adventures. I have a surprise planned for T’s birthday later this month which I’m really looking forward to. I’m also really enjoying teasing him with the secret, he has no clue what we’re doing and has to wait another 17 days to find out (if I can keep the secret that long) mwah haha.

So hopefully you are reading this up north, what’s it like? Are you moaning about the lack of sunshine yet, or T screaming FREEEEDOM in your ear every morning? I hope so. I’ll keep you updated on our plans Future Katy and I’ll try to stay positive while our piggy bank gets fatter.


Current Katy.

P.s I watched Loving Vincent earlier so I’m currently listening to different covers of ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean on repeat. ❤


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